Calibration time! (1:43)

A quick reality check...

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Before we get into this, let’s just calibrate where your organisation is in respect of its transformational journey. I will provide you with a series of three statements. Record whether each one is either true or false in respect of your organisation.

Statement 1 – Your leadership team believes that your past successes are a good indicator of future success.

Statement 2 – Your business improvement activities are more focused around process improvement than exploring new business models.

Statement 3 – Decision making in your organisation is highly centralised.

Now add up all the Trues and Falses. If you recorded any trues you are at risk of becoming economically-irrelevant in the digital age. You need to take immediate action, if you intend to avoid being a future cautionary case study. This course will serve as a wake up call and plan of action.

Congratulations if you scored a triple false. You have the conditions for future success. This course will help you further improve your chances of success.

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