The Cognitive Athlete

The definitive guide to career management and economic-relevance in the digital age

Many people today have been conditioned to have an industrial era mindset, which largely boils down to 'follow the process'. We are now increasingly in competition with robots and algorithms. It raises questions about our career prospects and economic-wellbeing, and so can create anxiety. There is a positive way forward. It requires us to bring our full cognitive capacity to bear.

This course identifies how to raise your game in order to thrive the digital age.

It comprises twenty three learning modules, including quizzes to test your understanding of the materials and assignments to convert your learning into real-world value. A PDF workbook is included to support your learning journey.

Target audience
This course is for those feeling anxious abut their career prospects and who want guidance on how to thrive in the digital age.

You will gain the most benefit from this course, if you have already taken the Wise Up! course. Ideally you will have taken the Prepare for the Journey and Start the Journey courses.

However this course can be taken as a standalone course. The fee is £65 + VAT.

You will also receive periodic email updates from the Digital Readiness Blog, as well as email alerts on new DRI content.

Class Curriculum

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