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Technology sales professionals rarely gain access to senior executives and when they do they struggle to develop and maintain a mutually valuable relationship. In many cases, technology sales professionals aspire no higher than the CIO, who in many organisations is becoming increasingly decoupled from strategic matters.

This programme will help technology sales professionals to both attract and retain the attention of senior executives. Thus enabling the provider to play a more strategic and thus lucrative role in their target organisations.

Benefits of attending

The learner:

  • Will be guided by an authority in transformation, disruption and innovation who has worked with thousands of technology sales professionals globally and has significant experience of c-suite engagement.
  • Will significantly reduce the risk of wasted investment in c-suite targeted sales initiatives.
  • Will naturally be able to focus c-suite discussions on value and thus avoid painful discount demands.
  • Will develop the confidence to engage with senior executives as peers, rather than suppliers.
  • Will cease to be perceived as a risk in the eyes of the targeted senior executives.

Target audience

Experienced enterprise business developers and account managers from tech sector organisations or firms that offer hi-tech solutions.

Learning outcomes

In this programme, you will:

  • Discover how to supplement your corporate brand with your own personal positioning.
  • Learn techniques for establishing trust and relevance with your target executives. These are necessary preconditions to discussing the benefits of your offerings.
  • Learn how to make an ally of the CIO and thus make them your sponsor into the c-suite.
  • Understand the full range of macro-environmental factors that will impact the buying decisions of senior executives.
  • Develop a deep understanding of how organisations need to transform to thrive in the post-industrial era.
  • Learn how to apply your new knowledge in respect of the impacting factors and transformational journey to accelerating trust and strategic relevance.

Course sessions

Available on request.

How you will learn

Learners will gain access to:

  • A series of live online sessions.
  • An online self-directed learning programme.
  • A role play session.
  • A set of generic short assignments to bring the learning to life.
  • An action-learning assignment, specific to a business issue the learner currently faces.


1 week.

The learner should allocate circa 10 hours to completing this course.


Ade McCormack is a global authority on leadership and transformation. He has helped thousands of sales professiionals be more effective influencers of senior executives. Find out more.

Course dates

Currently this course only runs privately for specific corporations.

Contact us to explore further.


This course can be customised to the needs of your sales professionals.

Contact us to explore further.

This course is closed for enrollment.