Wise up!

The definitive guide to being streetwise in the post-industrial era

We all know the world is changing. The Wise Up! course provides you with a deep understanding of how it is changing.

Digital is an ill-defined concept. More often than not, it is interpreted as a synonym for (the latest) new technology. This limited perception is resulting in many digital / business transformation initiatives failing.

The Wise Up! course will open your eyes and orient you for what lies ahead.

It is the opening course for both the Business Transformation Programme and the Personal Transformation Programme.

It comprises 16 modules (see below) and approximately one hour of listening time.

Your Instructor

Ade McCormack
Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack is a former technologist who today is focused on empowering organisations and individuals to thrive in the digital age. He is the founder of the DRI. As well as being an advisor on digital matters, Ade is a popular public speaker. He is also the author of six books on the theme of digital.

Ade has worked with some of the world's best known brands in over thirty countries. He has lectured on digital leadership at MIT Sloan School of Management and wrote for the Financial Times on the theme of digital leadership for over a decade.

You can find out more about Ade by visiting his website at www.ademccormack.com.